The left hand doesn’t talk to the right at my uni. I’ve known that for ages but it still makes my eyes roll when I see it. This time I haven’t had confirmation that my class choices have been accepted (they aren’t appearing on my list, it’s not just lack of an email) but my synched timetable feed on my phone is showing them.

This semester doesn’t look so bad. I have Monday’s not timetabled which is always nice next to a weekend, one 9am start but as when I’d tried to work out the timetable on my own I had made it two that’s not so bad either. There will be a campus dash on Friday afternoons but as the lecture and seminar are for the same class I won’t be the only one running late every week.

Next semester though, so many 5pm classes :/ and I prefer 9am to those because I can get up early enough to beat the rush hour, I don’t want to have to wait until like 7pm to go home to miss it. I loathe rush hour driving ugh. There’s this one roundabout in particular where the road goes from two lanes down to one which bottlenecks and the other drivers scare me. Not looking forward to that.

Anyway lack of official confirmation or not looks like I got my choices. I remain a little sad as there was a class I really wanted to take which clashed on the timetable, you would think five months later I would have forgotten but nope I still wish.