Star Trek: Short Treks – I am more excited for this than I am for Marvel Phase 4 at the moment. Look it’s my new space family! Oh I have so much hope for a spinoff right now, this proves they haven’t abandoned the characters!!

Actually re: marvel phase 4 I’m really glad they confirmed Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2 etc. because yay! But we kinda knew that was coming. The surprise announcement (to me anyway) was that Doctor Strange 2: House of Madness or whatever they are calling it, is going to be a horror movie.

Now I can’t watch horror movies. Anything with a jump scare in it and I’ve basically run so far I’m on another planet, my anxiety is cranked up to 11 anyway, I just literally can’t cope.

I also really don’t like Doctor Strange. So I’m actually relieved that I have a reason not to watch his movie now, as I probably would have made myself (as I did with the first one) because it’s part of the MCU. Well now I’m going to skip it and that’s the first marvel movie I’m saying that about (I did skip the marvel netflix etc. but we’re talking movies here).

Anyway I also quite liked that the next marvel movie has my fave Natasha in it AND it comes out on my birthday next year 🙂 Now next year is a big birthday and I have decided I’m not having it, I’m going in for minus numbers I think, buuuuut this movie might soften the blow a tiny little bit 🙂 Yay for Black Widow!

Ok SDCC spoilers and stuff. I just went through a blog to try and see all the announcements as I’m King of missing things. So here’s what stood out to me:

Taskmaster whoo!

The Black Widow villain apparently and maybe I just like him because I thought he was the most fun hero to play in Marvel Heroes (man I still miss that game!) but still I think it’s cool. Makes me even more psyched for the movie! 🙂


You guys know I love Lego right? :p although to be honest I’m not that interested in the pictured sets. I just like hearing about them. I am going to a Lego store in September and I can’t wait to lay real eyes on the Tantive IV with minfig Bail Organa’s debut + Leia and C3PO and R2D2. It looks like an epic set.

Marvel’s What If?

Sounds like the biggest gift to writers everywhere because that is my favourite question – what if?

The thing that is scaring me the most though is so much is Disney+ and there’s still no news about how that’s going to work over here in the UK. We have DisneyLife right now but I have a feeling that’s not the same :/

*cross fingers*