Saw Spiderman: Far From Home yesterday…

(Spoilers under the cut)

That zombie Iron Man was TOO FAR! Seriously unnecessary did not like!

Also, I have to confess a big reason why I was so interested in this movie was that it brought back Maria Hill. She was in the trailer with a gun, I was hoping for a little bit of kick ass like her introduction in The Avengers. Well erm no because while I could physically see her – IT WASN’T THE CHARACTER!

The skrull reveal at the end of the credits made a lot of things click into place. Like Nick Fury is a jerk but he was being a lot more obvious about it than normal, plus while Maria has argued with Fury (”is that really a priority right now?”) she doesn’t snark at him like she did a couple of times, especially at the end when they were talking with Happy.

Anyway the whole message of the movie was about “appearances being deceiving” and they are also going big or going home with the whole fake news thing, with the footage being manipulated and Spiderman being cast as the bad guy. It’s the modern day thing, what with fake news and not being able to trust people being the reality, so the movies going with that. Like a decade ago everything was about terrorists. Now it still is in some places but others are shifting with the public mood.

Also Nick Fury being on a big ass space station hints at space Avengers. There’s some comic for that, some new Shield name, what was it Sceptre? My memory is failing me right now. Anyway, the skrulls are clearly helping him be in two places at once, just like in Captain Marvel they aren’t the bad guys, but just like in Captain Marvel I predict the actual bad guys will try and paint them as the bad guys because of the things they can do.

There was one point in the movie and I wish I could remember what it was which just screamed “that’s so meta” although to be honest the movie was full of nods. Like in the fight scene Peter made himself a shield and a hammer, like Captain America in Endgame. There was also AC/DC. I admit to tearing up a little at the “in memory” which included Vision!

I really think that Peter should be given a manual with these things like designating something a target shouldn’t automatically mean “kill” because targets are persons of interest. That wasn’t really his fault.

They are moving into new territory with his identity being revealed, although having MJ and Aunt May know was also new. So that’s going to separate the marvel films from the Sony ones, treading new ground.

I’m interested to see what happens next. I don’t think there are anymore confirmed release dates? So it’ll be next year before we go into the next stage. I can’t wait! 🙂