Sooooo I just learned there’s going to be a sequel to Maleficent (October release) and I’m caught between being interested and being cautious.

The first movie wasn’t all that BUT it explored good and evil in a way that fairytales usually shy away from. The fact that the TLK was between Maleficent and Aurora says it all tbh. The fairies didn’t know how to take care of a child and so Maleficent had watched over Aurora all her life, keeping her safe, only because she was the “instrument of her revenge” but actually she grew to love her like a mother loves a child.

I’d love to see what happens next but I really hope that they don’t butcher what I thought was a great message. I mean Maleficent did awful things but it explored the reasons behind them and that actually there were two sides.

Anyway consider me cautiously interested.