You know:

a) I haven’t really written in forever, I think I’ve forgotten how

b) it’s funny back in the day I cut my teeth on casefiles, it’s what I consider my first real proper fanfic but now I’m all “fic without shipping? lol whats that”

c) new obsessions are weird, I was just minding my own business and then whoomph right in the face “hello! ding ding, I own you now”

I still have 3/6 of my Endgame posts to finish up and I’m not sure whether I should continue to tag for spoilers or not as I’m taking so long (thank you new obsession for distracting me so thoroughly).

Anyway on tonights agenda is researching the Kelvin timeline and pondering the differences from the TOS timeline for #reasons aka thank you new obsession, you do indeed own me.