I haven’t been this furious at a fictional character in quite some time.

How dare Jennifer do that to her mother? Well to her whole family but it’s her mothers tears that are killing me 🙁

I mean she’s going to have to go home at some point right? The longer she runs, the worse it is ESPECIALLY because she is in danger. I just don’t understand why she’s running from her family. They would help her first, lecture/ground her second. Sure the consequences suck but as she partly ran because she felt they were too strict, I expect that there will be lots of talking. Any anger will be because they were so frightened.

And I’ve circled back to how can she put her family through this?!?! again because really? I don’t get it. It is very very cruel. I guess she perhaps isn’t thinking from their point of view, she probably hasn’t thought “my mum might think I’m dead” but that is the reality her mum is living and my heart breaks for her 🙁