I’m tired so I’m going to watch the Librarians two Christmas episodes for the … well I don’t even know, I just really love the Librarians ok?

But first! You know about 2 weeks ago I outlined a plan? I had a list of things to do before January 13th? I thought perhaps if I put it in list form like that, make it nice and concrete, it would happen and so far it’s working!

The Garcy Celeb/Fan AU (now titled Start of Something) = done!

The Garcy post-season 2 fic (now titled Friends in Time) = done!

The art for this months AMR = mostly done? I’ve definitely broken the back of it so I’m sure it will be done but no it’s not quite finished.

That leaves:
– RBB art
– lingering novel draft
– Chapter 11 of Painting Layers of Love

I have 3 weeks, here’s hoping I can make them count 🙂

#accountability status update#I like putting things in black and white