One step forward, two steps back

I’d had the bare bones of this Valentines drawing started before I did the last piece (my Fitzsimmons comic). Still there was plenty of scope to apply the lessons I’d learned and #1 was don’t mix styles.

So as you can see there’s lines around the hair.

I think some things on this came out well. I’m pleased with the shading on some of Belle’s skin, I think Gold’s collar looks ok and I like the hand that is placed on her side (apart from the fact that it looks like it’s floating). The biggest success with this was the faces. I looked for tips on YouTube and then I drew the faces by eye. It’s not perfect but it looks loads more like Belle and Gold than last weeks Fitz and Simmons attempt.

Ultimately it’s not a terrible job but as always there are lessons to be learned.

The angle on this was awkward. It involves foreshortening and again – just like with Gold’s hand – I think I have a floating issue with their extended legs. In fact everything sort of looks like it’s floating – that chocolate box is definitely not grounded. Belle’s hair is too red and Gold’s hair should have more grey in it.

Plus I’m still kinda mixing styles. I didn’t think I was until I thought about it after it was completed. The digital painting which gives the shading doesn’t really match with the solid lines. I should really have chosen whether it was a digital painting or cartoon/comic book style.

The biggest takeaway from this though is materials/textures. I used the same painting/shading technique on everything and it’s alright but it kinda looks too polished. I struggled particularly with Gold’s feet (in the socks), though some of that was down to the awkward angle.

My next piece is going to be Finn and BB-8 from Star Wars. I’m going to aim to make that a true digital painting and I’m going to do a deep-dive on YouTube for how to differentiate materials. After that I think I’m going to scream into reverse and try and do a true comic book style, as I have another comic to draw.