A Mix of Styles

This is a comic I posted yesterday. It’s for Fitzsimmons, the prompt was ‘Coming home to you‘, and it’s a slight AU of their Academy years to post-show when they are happy in a cottage in Perthshire.

I was a bit short on time when I did this and it shows because once I realized where I was going wrong I didn’t have chance to go back and fix it.

You see I decided to try and go for a simple “comic book” style hence the black lines because I thought that would be faster. I got discouraged when it started looking like my old art and that’s when the mess with the hair happened.

I think it would have looked more coherent and better if I had stuck with the black lines over trying to ‘merge’ the methods. The same with the cheating I did with the posters in the dorm-room, they are just photos from google.

The other real issue is the faces and the fact that they don’t look anything like either Fitz or Simmons. Faces have long been my bugbear and I’m not sure how to resolve this, I think a deep-dive on YouTube is in my future.

Coming up next is a Valentines themed Rumbelle picture. Bearing in mind what I learned here about how not to mix methods I’m hoping it’ll be better.