Post-Infinity War Speculation

Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer just dropped.

Spoilers and speculation abound. This is all tin-foil hat stuff so it could be complete rubbish – it probably is but it was fun to think about.

This movie is post-Infinity War so we know that Scott either surrenders or is captured because the FBI put him on house arrest with the anklet. I would have thought they’d have bigger problems than going after the heroes protecting them but apparently not.

It then appears (to me anyway) that Hank and Hope bust Scott out of confinement and then they are all fugitives, because they need to fight this movies big bad.

They have said now that what was going to be Infinity War Part Two is now being called something else and there’s a big difference between the two movies. There is clearly a lull in the fighting if there are these side adventures. Plus the MCU has been keeping track of the years passing e.g. in Age of Ultron they confirmed it had been a year or so since Cap: Civil War. So time is presumably passing significantly (in terms of a big battle) between Infinity War and the next Avengers movie.

The other movie in between Infinity War and Avengers 4 is Captain Marvel BUT it’s set in the past – so it doesn’t come between the films. Only this one seems too because it would be illogical for it to be released afterwards otherwise.

In the first movie Scott says “I think we should call the Avengers” and Hank rather bitterly says “I think they are too busy dropping cities” – Hank broke with Shield because he didn’t trust them/Stark. It’s like the other side of the coin. We usually see the heroes side but just like in Spiderman: Homecoming where we saw the devastation left from the alien attack – not everyone sees them as heroes.

So it’s the aftermath of Infinity War – and it’s the prequel to Avengers 4. It’s sort of bridging it. Janet Van Dyne has been cast, and the trailer briefly shows what looks like a Jumper from Stargate (obviously it’s not hehe) in the Quantum realm.

What did Hank say about the Quantum realm? “a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant”

Time and space.

Oh and what is Captain Marvel introducing? – Skrulls

You see where I’m going with this? It thematically fits with the grey narrative the marvel movies have been going with. In Cap: Civil War both sides had valid points – the movie encouraged you to think and didn’t tell you what was right. In Spiderman: Homecoming the villain was sympathetic, he was an ordinary guy who felt the government had screwed him over.

I think Ant-Man is going to break the world, a little crack thanks to saving Janet from the Quantum Realm and that is going to have all manner of consequences.

Avengers 4 is going to launch a soft reboot. Kevin Feige has been pretty clear about that, it’s going to be a new stage. Everything thus far has led to Infinity War but that’s going to be over.

Marvel now have the rights to the X-Men but how could they introduce them now? They’ve never been seen or heard. With Magneto’s backstory in World War 2 that doesn’t make sense. Captain Marvel is set in the 90’s but what happened to her since? Why isn’t she working for Shield? Unless she’s frozen in ice like Cap that’s a continuity problem.

UNLESS – reality shifts. Everything is back pretty much how it was only there are mutants now but Professor X is a pretty cool guy. I think Captain America likes having another Captain around, especially one that can fly. The mutants being in the picture isn’t really going to change things. Just look at how the Inhumans emergence was treated. So everything that happened, happened but there’s just some extra heroes in the world and villains that rise up to challenge them.

They think that’s it, no problem only then the Skrulls start their secret invasion and suddenly they don’t know who to trust.