I need to stop feeling sorry for myself I think I’m making my arm hurt more. They say that don’t they? That the more you think about it, the more pain you feel. I’m not doing it on purpose but there has to be a reason for the increasing pain. I really don’t want to go back to chronic agony. I have too much to do.

Excuse all the random posts today. I guess I’m in that kind of mood. Anyway, I need to stop being so tired and brain dead. My excuse at first was that I was too busy with the uni application and the wedding. Then I was recovering from that. Now my arm hurts and it’s draining all my energy. Well screw all of that. There are talented people who deserve comments! I need to stop avoiding reading fic out of fear that I won’t be able to comment intelligently.

I also need to write my fic and stop procrastinating on it. I’m posting Tuesday even if I have to stay up all Monday night to finish. I need to do better geez. I posted about Warcraft today but I haven’t thrown over fandom and my obligations for mindless gaming. At least not intentionally. Sometimes it is just easier to game rather than read or write, but enough is enough. I need to not be lazy. There it’s stated in black and white.

So go forth self and leave some nice comments for people. Your favorite fic writers have posted things. The least you can do is ramble at them about how good it is.