Fires!Belle, what was it about Gold that made you fall in love with him? Were you worried that might happen when you were given your mission?


(OOC: I love you anon, this is one of my favorite verses!)

Gold was my mission. Love was never supposed to be part of the deal. He was the target, I was to get close, infiltrate his life and then spy on him long-term. I would gain the dual benefit of access to his intelligence and my cover would be more secure due to our marriage.

Loving him went against …. well everything! However, it was impossible not to love him. Julian was like no man I’d ever met. He seemed to see through the cover identity which had been crafted to be irresistible for him – he seemed to see me, even more miraculous he seemed to prefer the real me. No matter how many times I told myself that he didn’t really know who I was, it always felt like he did. Oh he didn’t know the details of my past but I think he knew what was in my heart and he valued me.

It wasn’t about my training, or my pretty face, or what I could do for him. It felt like he cared about me just because I was me. How could I not love him? When I got subsequent missions, to sabotage operations or to kill his comrades I was very worried about what would happen. I never wanted our time together to end but it was doomed from the start. Even if there had been no side missions, I believed that he would never forgive me because of the deception that had brought us together.

It is possible that I might have been wrong about that…