What happened to Between Two Fires!Rumbelle? (I feel so awful for just realizing you wrote that, I /love/ that fic!)

I rather love that fic as well, an author probably shouldn’t admit to having favorites but I do confess that’s one of mine.

In regards to what happened next. I just looked back at my review replies and apparently I said I was going to continue this verse *hides in a box of a shame* and I would certainly love to write more. The problem is I remain uncertain about what happens next. Writing a prequel would be easier.

I went over a couple of the options here.

Basically if he turns her in, then obviously she’s imprisoned – problem. However, if he doesn’t turn her in then he’ll have to betray his principles (to everyone else, it would look like he was betraying his nation), he would have to live a double life or maybe even go on the run and lose everything. Whatever he chose there would be angst and difficulties. I could see arguments for and against either choice.

It was one of those scenarios where they was no good option, and no happy endings. Even if they found some remote place, where nobody knew them, and made a life together. There would always be the fear of discovery, they would have to lie to everyone they ever met, and they would lose contact with anyone who had ever met anything to them in their old life, they would only have each other.

Whether he turns her in or not there would be a metric-ton of angst. I mean unless something major shifted in the political landscape and Belle managed to cut a deal, so that she got her freedom legitimately, maybe defected and worked alongside Gold against Avonlea. Maybe then, there could be a happy ending or a happy beginning 🙂