@woodelf68​ wrote:

I also need a fic where the blasted fairies didn’t show up and Rumpel got to be raised by two parents who loved him. And him being a Saviour didn’t become an issue until…I don’t know, when would it become an issue? Would magical powers show up? Without the Black Fairy as the Evil needing defeating…what if he went off to war and his powers first manifested against the ogres, and he was able to return a hero instead of the coward who lamed himself to avoid a battle and death?

It’s an origin story! Where do you think knight!Rumple got his magic from? The Light One is the Savior 🙂

If Rumple was raised by his parents then Belle wouldn’t be born for another couple of hundred years, but AU Light One!Rumple could work for that. I know it was just a made-up world in a book and the generations were all screwy for magical reasons, I’m being silly today.