OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE IT’S AMAZING!!!! I wish I had an amazing fic ready and waiting for you like you had for me, but can I get a prompt from you and write something now? (I will write anything you want!!) *snuggles you tightly* Have a wonderful day my friend!!!

Thank you!

Awww you are too kind, that’s really not necessary, but if you want to then I’m not going to say no heh 🙂 Plus it gives everyone something cool to read! However, I confess I’m really rubbish at prompting. When I do gift exchanges I always worry about my poor gifter, and whether they are enjoying themselves and are happy writing what I prompted.

How about an addition to something you’ve already written? That way I can hopefully be quasi-sure that you’ll be happy. I see you have a regency romance on your list – A Hostage to Fortune. I was wondering why I hadn’t read it before as I have a major weakness for that setting but it seems to be a tumblr exclusive. If that’s because you didn’t really like it then please don’t feel obligated to add to the universe. Honestly you could write anything and I would love it! The choice is entirely yours 🙂