Legit question I forgot to put in my review – David and Snow were obviously supposed to be 28 years older. Why does Robin not look older?

Was Robin in a sleeping curse? Did he have some time in the land of untold stories? What happened to Roland? I have all the questions about this episode! Plus when did it become March and a three month hiatus again? I thought it was going to be a shorter hiatus this year. I’ve missed something.

Because Emma’s brain knew her parents had to be older, they had to age because she was never the Savior and she lived with them and she had Henry. Robin is still the age he was in the EF because he didn’t need to age. I feel it’s all compensating for what Emma needed to see to believe the fake world and stay there forever.

I know, you are most likely right. I saw your post about logic regarding Bae and how all that happened. You are probably 100% right, not disagreeing at all, not really. I just like things to have reasons. I’m one of those really irritating people that will search for logic even when there isn’t any.

Although I suppose your answer is actually the most logical. You are being very reasonable and I’m not. I just … want more /hides and now the hiatus is super long again, I have time to think up crazy theories.

Like they said they banished the Evil Queen so she could never return – banished probably doesn’t mean killed. So is she still out there? Is she under a sleeping curse? What did they do with her? Is Regina hoping to bring fake Robin back to the real world? Is she going to bring fake Robin and fake Regina together, so that true love can win out in this alternate fake world? I’m sorry, I’ll stop. This is just a bit of fun 🙂

That’s totally fine. I mean you can want more explanation, I’m just saying that the posts I’m seeing that are dragging the episode because there’s no explanations for this stuff are sort of pointless because y’all are never going to get these explanations. The show doesn’t have to because some of this is just not important and not really a part of the story. It’s references and acknowledgements of history and characters to round out the world and to let fans know that these people and things aren’t forgotten. It’s all there to support Emma believing what she is seeing and experiencing and staying in the AU world. It’s not that she’s stopped being the Savior, because I don’t think Aladdin’s genie powers and a wish can actually do that. But what it did do was create a world where she didn’t have to be and believed she wasn’t.

But by all means, use this stuff as fodder for fics and metas and whatever. Don’t let whatever I see deter from that. It’s just that once again some people in the OUAT fandom need to let some shit go. It was a great episode. Don’t hate on the whole thing because one or two insignificant things don’t have an answer you like. (You being the fandom collective and/or the people who made the posts I’ve seen.)

Ah ok I understand now. I’m probably a bit odd with my opinion on this. I would never drag the show for not explaining these things. I don’t expect any answers – ever. Would I like answers? Yeah, but the answers aren’t important. The fun is in the speculation.

The show doesn’t have the time to explain everything, there’s only 40 minutes per episode. Filling in the blanks is what I enjoy most about Once, it really fires my imagination, that’s what makes it my favorite currently airing show. Plus if they never tell us, then all that is left is pure potential. We can have all the options we want and everyone can be happy.

I love theorizing. Maybe it’s a writer thing, but I just love going “what if?” and imagining as many possibilities as I can. The only thing better is if other people want to join in, and then they’ll have ideas I’d not thought about. That’s one of the things I love about fandom, reading all the theories I would never have dreamed up. This is probably why I don’t know anyone in real life who will discuss shows with me, I could exhaust anyone with how much I love to theorize and debate.

Anyway, I loved 6.10 which is why I’m overthinking everything about it. This is what I do when I love something – when I care. I get all excited and want to talk about it 🙂