RSS signups in just over a week …

Thus begins the debate of – “am I brave enough to say yes to anyelle?”

Honestly it feels like playing Russian roulette. Several of the more popular options I would be absolutely fine with e.g. Rush, Lachlan, Ives, Father MacAvoy, Plunkett etc. There are a ton that I know nothing about but the synopsis seems reasonable (I’m going through the IMDB page). I wouldn’t be thrilled with either Barney or Danny Devine but I think I could make it work. Basically there’s just a couple of options like Nosty or Begbie, which scare me because I don’t think I could do it.

I chickened out of saying yes to anyelle with RCIJ. Now, I know that the odds are that even if I say yes, I won’t get an anyelle prompt, but if I say yes then there is the possibility. Am I brave enough to face the possibility? I don’t know /flails. Honestly, signing up is anxiety inducing enough and I’m going to say yes to smut this time (I was too much of a coward to say yes to that for RCIJ) so I’m being a little braver.

Seriously am I the only one that panics about this? Probably. But at least I’ve already decided on my prompt. Now I just need to decide whether to be brave or not, I’m leaning towards not because I am a big coward.