Open Sesame

Suddenly realized because this was so brief I wrote it on tumblr, rather than here first, and then I forgot to crosspost. I’ve not been well and I didn’t even take my usual notes when watching. Although it doesn’t matter so much because for my favorites it was a filler episode.

Spoilers under the cut for episode 6.05 – Street Rats.

The highlight of the episode was the Evil Queen in Archie’s office I think. Although the Evil Queen always puts in a masterful performance. I just loved how they played off one another.

Another brilliant thing is all the callbacks they are putting in, like Emma having a superpower to tell one somebody is lying. Snow declaring that “they aren’t perfect but they don’t keep secrets” is clear foreshadowing for David hiding the card about his fathers death.

Something else is Hook keeping the scissors, I knew that he would, so it’s no surprise. He probably thinks that if push comes to shove, he’ll save Emma and to hell with what she wants. Given that is basically how she treated him with turning him into a dark one, that kinda seems how their relationship works. I don’t like it, I think they should respect one another a bit more. It’s like on Captain America, Peggy Carter saying “give Barnes the dignity of his choice” because however much you love someone, it is their choice.

The spa day for the Evil Queen and Zelena was kinda odd. I mean I know that they might not be able to tell it was the Evil Queen and not Regina. However, they could hear what they were saying. Unless the Evil Queen bespelled them to tell nobody.

What the Evil Queen said in the spa I thought was very important and also very true. She said that Henry didn’t accept her as the Evil Queen because she always hid that side and lied about it, so he never got a chance to understand. I have this fanfic that I doubt I’ll ever finish and post, but it plays with the idea that Regina was honest with Henry about who she was, so without the lie he never grew to resent her and they stayed together as a family.

I think this is also applicable to Rumple. He has always tried to shield those he loves from his choices. However, they see the results and they don’t understand what caused him to make those decisions. If they did understand then their reaction might well be different. The Evil Queen has it right – honesty is the best policy.

Doesn’t baby Robyn look bigger than baby Neal from last week? Should somebody check that the super onion rings aren’t still in effect? Oh and finally they show some thought to who is looking after the baby, when the parents are elsewhere. Archie is very responsible, if perhaps slightly inexperienced (it looked like maybe he hadn’t looked after a baby before) but it’s still a fine choice. I want to know what they do with baby Neal, like is he in a closet somewhere? If they don’t feed him, it explains why he’s so small. Honestly, I love this show but I also like practicalities, and how hard would it be to have one line that says that during the day baby Neal is looked after by – whoever?

Oh yeah the emotional part of this episode was clearly carried by Henry and Regina. There was Henry’s guilt on having set Emma on the path to being the savior. Then there was also Regina – she practically took offense to the suggestion that she was under the hood. Her storming off to ‘take care of business’ now, as it appeared she wasn’t going to be much good later, was absolutely wonderful. That speaks volumes about her character.

Also I imagine, especially after last weeks reveal that the only foolproof way to kill the Evil Queen, is for her to die, means Regina wants to save Emma even more. One of them needs to survive for Henry, he can’t lose both his mothers.

Anyway, erm there might be more but my brains not working. The promo for next week shows it’s a Hook centric and they are using Captain Nemo. I have no idea how that is going to work, although it will be interesting to watch. In my alternate season six fanfic I brought in Captain Nemo, but obviously for very different reasons. It looks visually quite cool if nothing else, so should be fun 🙂