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I liked this bit. But shouldn’t it be Queen Snow by now, or am I missing something?

I’m guessing that she’s still ‘princess’ because Regina is still queen (evil and contained to her castle or not, she holds the title while alive?).

Well technically Regina was only Queen by marriage. If it was gender flipped, so married a queen, then the title would have been Prince. This is because traditionally King was seen as the more powerful role, so if the Queen was the ruler, there isn’t a king.

Therefore, the moment Leopold died, the kingdom passed to Snow, and she became Queen. It’s like “The king is dead, long live the queen.” Now her coronation might have taken a year or so to come about. Like how Queen Elizabeth became Queen on death of her father in 1952, but wasn’t crowned queen until 1953.

However, Regina framed Snow for the crimes of treason etc. and there was no other heir, so as the dowager Queen, she kept on ruling as like caretaker for the kingdom. Plus basically she had a ton of power, magic and her black knights, so nobody was going to argue.

Disney tends to get confused about how monarchies work. I love the Princess Diaries movies, but the end of the second movie makes me bang my head against the wall. Clarisse was queen by marriage (just like Regina), ruling as a regent until Mia was old enough, but they had her wearing the crown, and it being transferred to Mia.

So Snow is called Princess a) because they don’t know how the monarchy works or b) because it’s a fairytale thing I don’t know about or c) they thought it sounded better for some reason or d) some other reason I haven’t thought about.