I know some people don’t like spoilers and I’ve no idea how the people that follow me feel about them. So I’m not going to reblog anything spoiler related. That being said I feel like commenting on something I keep reading so I’m going to just put that under the cut.

Warning, this will contain talk of spoilers for Once Upon a Time season 6.

There’s some filming pictures showing Belle and Hook at the docks and maybe they filmed a scene together. I have seen a lot of comments saying that it’s a dream and there are good reasons for that.

1) They are filming the first couple of episodes so it’s still early in the season. Belle was in another realm, under a sleeping curse at the end of the season five finale.

2) She’s wearing the same dress but not the same coat, she appeared to be wearing in the underworld.

To be honest I don’t really remember the dress because the coat covered everything but I’m very willing to take people’s word on that. I don’t tend to notice stuff with the wardrobe much.

Anyway, my point is maybe Belle is awake and back in Storybrooke in the premiere/episode 2. It is entirely possible because of – Camelot.

Six weeks passed in show time, between the season 4 finale and the present day Storybrooke events of 5A. They decided to show that 6 week time in flashbacks throughout 5A because the Once people are addicted to flashbacks and don’t like to tell the story in a linear fashion.

I know that they said that the action would pick up seconds after the season 5 finale. Maybe it does. The action picked up seconds after the season 4 finale but by the end of the premiere, they had skipped 6 weeks.

This is just a theory and I am probably wrong. To be honest this is why I don’t generally place a lot of stock in spoilers. In my opinion without context, it’s impossible to really understand what is going on. Generally speaking I prefer not to rule anything out.

However, what if the season premiere picks up seconds after the season 5 finale? Some stuff happens, maybe Hyde gets control of all the magic in town (hence why we see people sword fighting) and essentially he owns the place. The heroes try and fight back but if Hyde isn’t killing people then they are just fighting for control. It would be better to cautious, bide their time and then ‘retake the kingdom’, like Snow and David did to King George and Regina.

They could flashforward a year and then that’s where things pick up in episode 2. Belle and Rumple return to Storybrooke. Belle is wearing the same dress because she didn’t exactly pack for a trip, and her steampunk clothing doesn’t fit with Storybrooke. Then they would be able to do all manner of flashbacks throughout the season of what happened in the missing year.

It would sort of help the Jared being so much older than Henry problem. It would help them avoid all manner of messiness of Regina just being ‘over’ Robin so quickly, of Zelena being a bonded part of the group, of Emma and Hook getting married etc. because finally some time would have passed. Right now as it stands everything has happened in such a short time period, there’s not been time for feelings to develop/change etc.

I think that could work. Like I said I’m probably wrong but for now, without any other information, this is my theory. With what little we know, we could develop a ton of different theories. Until september 25th, we’re not going to know for certain how anything will turn out.