There’s a funny post on my dash right now. There’s a screencapped tweet – “Actually, Hook & Rumple are the reason for the show. Their feud set the whole plot in motion.” – and then a photo manip of Hook over the Evil Queen and Rumple over Snow, – I will destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I do.

I didn’t want to hijack that post but I did want to respond to it. My first response, after laughing, was to think that actually the event that set the whole plot in motion, wasn’t Regina vs Snow.

That set a lot of things in motion but the Dark Curse, was the main plot point for season one (what led up to it, and then present day breaking of it). It wasn’t what season one was about, I would say that it was more about family, the relationship between Emma and Henry etc. but I’m getting off point.

The dark curse would never have happened if not for Rumple’s quest to reunite with Baelfire. Rumple manipulated everything, including tampering with Regina and Snow’s feud, to ensure everything led to the casting of the curse so he could get to the land without magic.

I would argue that what set the whole plot in motion was Rumple and Bae, a father’s search for his son.

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Exactly–the entire basis of the show is rumple and Bae, and Rumple’s quest to save him–which led to both Regina’s birth and her ability to cast the curse, setting the Storybrooke part in motion.

Killy was a plot device at best–the thing that caused Bae to permanently lose his mother. But we saw from Devil’s Due that even when Milah was around, Rumle would go to almost anyy length to save Bae–and that she couldn’t be bothered. If Rumple and Milah had still been married at the time of Desperate Souls/the Return, events would probably have played out in almost exactly the same way–because Milah certainly wouldn’t have been concerned with saving Rumple’s soul.

Exactly. I just responded in that other post the same thing. The seed of the show is Rumple’s love for his son, his desire to protect him at all cost and becoming the DO. The Dark One curse is the origin, then came Regina’s curse that brought them to Storybrooke. It all goes back to who the real core characters are: Rumple, Bae, Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, and Henry. The Swan-Mills-Stiltskins. It’s this family what the show is about as a whole. You cannot take any of these out without having the story destroyed. Actually, the Blue Fairy is also a key element, one we don’t talk about enough. IF she hadn’t given Baelfire that bean, there wouldn’t have been Storybrooke. It was also her who gave Rumple the idea of a “terrible curse” to come to this world. #MakeBluetheSuperVillian2k17

If Blue isn’t secretly the mastermind and prime villain of this series, then Kitsowitz don’t know how to tell stories at all…

Oh. Wait.

The Blue Fairy is protected under the hero code. That doesn’t make her a hero, like any of the so-called heroes, but she will never get what she deserves because of it.

I honestly sometimes wonder whether they watch their own show. Watching the Blue Fairy manipulate a child, without concern for the consequences, to take out the dark one was horrific. Then there’s her hypocrisy towards her own kind. How she treated Nova and Tinkerbell was nasty. Do they not realize how the Blue Fairy comes across?

It’s like they say with words that she is a good person, but then her actions say otherwise and it’s actions that count. There is this schism on the show between what they say someone is, and what they are based on what they do. It’s so obvious sometimes I swear it must be intentional but then they never seem to pick up on it.