The selection of items in Rumple’s arms that no one comments on is hilarious to me.  Poor adorable David isn’t so bright…

But given I want to slap him over the cards thing…

I rewatched Skin Deep the other day (not on the official rewatch day unfortunately) and I had to fast forward through David mucking up giving MM her card. It was just too cringeworthy. I really didn’t like that whole subplot. Although at least David had an excuse for being so ugh – he was cursed. After all he had made his choice and wasn’t dithering about it before Regina sent him to the windmill and screwed everything up.

Gold though with the duct tape and rope. Do you think he just had so much of a reputation as the ‘town monster’ by then, that nobody blinked? Or do you just think that Sneezy and David don’t have much imagination?

I know he wasn’t cursed!Gold then seeing as he remembered, but it’s the closest we ever got really. Ah well there’s always fanfic.

When I rewatched it a couple days ago, I wondered if David did notice…I mean, you can see him looking at Gold’s purchases…and called Emma when he left the store. That would help explain how Emma just happened to be at that cabin in the woods to stop Gold from killing Moe French.

Oh wow!

That is a point. You know it literally never occurred to me how Emma got to the cabin at the right moment. I always assumed that she went looking for Moe French and someone told her that they had seen the flower truck driving up towards the woods.

However, David calling Emma and saying “Hey Gold was being weird at the store. He bought duct tape and rope and that doesn’t sound like a good combination for anything.” and Emma being all “I’ll take care of it.” and thinking to herself, dammit Gold, I told you not to interfere!

I like this theory because while oblivious Charming is fun, observant Charming who just keeps his mouth shut most of the time, because arguing wouldn’t be worth it, is much cooler.