Mog My Closet: A Robe For All Occasions

It’s no secret I don’t like dresses. My friend who introduced me to warcraft said long before I realised my mage shouldn’t be my main, “if you hate dresses so much you shouldn’t play a mage”. Anyway, I’ve discovered some of them look alright, or at least they do when modelled by my paladin, maybe my mage makes everything look ugly. This isn’t a standard transmog set post, more a collection of robes from the hundreds that are available, or in other words when I wind up laughing at my own jokes.

I put this together some time ago and then never got round to formatting this post properly. It’s been sitting in drafts for a while so it’s time it got posted. I have lots of saved posts ready to go right now. Let’s have a fun one today.

Journeyman’s Robe
For trips to the well for water

Cindercloth Robe
A simple robe for those hot summer days, perfect for garden parties

Silks and wraps
What this old thing?
So last season darling

Mooncloth Robes
Elegant simplicity, you shall go to the ball

Alanna’s Embrace
Party on sister

Black Ash Robe
In the trenches at Kirin Tor University

Black Velvet Robes
Because every girl needs a LBT