Mog My Closet: Scarlet Monastery (Lookalike)

When I was writing the post about transmogrification I suddenly thought that I could do a weekly feature on it. I love creating transmog sets and I don’t have the time (or the bank space) to collect half of them. Therefore it seems like a good plan to share them and if someone likes the set then they can use it themselves. I’ll post this on Tuesdays so it’ll be something to look at during the downtime Wednesday mornings. I forgot to post this on Tuesday and I haven’t written one for today yet so thought I’d post this today. From now on it’ll be Tuesdays. Starting off today with a Scarlet Monastery set for plate wearers who are locked out of the mail after the level 40 armor specialization.

Head: None (Set not to display)
Shoulders: Mantle of the Desert Crusade (Princess Yauj, AQ40)
Chest: Embossed Plate Armor (World)
Hands: Commander’s Gauntlets (World)
Waist: Belt of the Fallen Emperor (Emperor Vek’nilash, AQ40)
Legs: Commander’s Leggings (World)
Feet: Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy (Prophet Skeram, AQ40)
Cloak: None (Set not to display)
Weapon: The Sunbreaker (Shattered Sun Offensive, Revered)
Shield:  Aegis of the Scarlet Commander (Mograine, Cathedral)
Shirt: Scarlet Filigreed (Karandonna, Dalaran)
Tabard: Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade (Scarlet Trainee)
It doesn’t look exactly like any particular Scarlet Crusade outfit because I couldn’t find items to go identical. So it’s more like an inspired by, or would fit in with, kind of deal. I think it looks very nice personally but then I guess I would.

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