Is it possible to RP without Roleplaying?

I became a grand champion of the great hunt on my Bounty Hunter yesterday. I’d reached level 33 and finally run out of rested xp. I don’t know if I’m a slow leveller, the fact that I just quest, or what but this levelling process seems to be taking a long time. This is far from a complaint as it is also extremely enjoyable. Anyway, having run out of rested xp I decided to stop playing for the evening but I still wanted to play swtor so I decided to roll my first alt – a Jedi Knight.

I’d just created the legacy for my characters which gives them a shared surname. I don’t know if it was that nudge but while I was creating my Jedi Knight I had this story at the back of my head. My Bounty Hunter was the older brother, strong mentally and physically, a potential force user. He instead chooses to rely on certainties like blasters rather than rely on some energy he can’t control. He kills for credits not for pleasure so will show mercy to bystanders or others who cross his path.

The new Jedi Knight would be the younger brother obviously. Strong in the force and eager to fight. While willing to use his talent not necessarily willing to buy into all of the Jedi code. If he can get paid for his work he will, he also won’t turn the other cheek for his enemy to hit. While forgiveness isn’t foreign to him neither is leaving people unharmed when it could come back to bite him.

I don’t RP though and I never have and I doubt I ever will.

In warcraft I keep my class identity solid. With the recent edition of transmogrification my raid gear was transformed into the iconic lightbringer paladin set. I am a paladin and proud of it. I stand before the great heroes of the paladin legacy; Uther Lightbringer, Tirion Fordring as I continue their work. I’ve slain the betrayer, the Lich King. I’ve defeated Deathwing (in LFR, still 7/8 on normal) and so saved the innocents of Azeroth from utter destruction. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for anything other than what I am – a paladin.

Is this RP or do I need to engage in RP? What is RP?

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to RP without Roleplaying?

  1. I’d say it is more storytelling than role playing. The difference between the two is that role playing is taking on the role of the character, on a game server this means everything you type is in character. Where as storytelling is just choosing what your character does in quests based on the story you have created for the character.

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